3 tips for hair shiny.

When it comes to health care for our hair but women would have only a very special attention. Even with long hair desire to have long hair and flowing with it. She often includes tips on hair care in itself already. But for girls Some people love the long hair. But also know how to take care to hair care how pretty healthy. Weigh a natural shine. And problem hair and split ends distract Today we have three tips for shiny hair to get together, do not delay .. followed all these tips are better than what’s there.

Tip 1 massage the scalp to stimulate hair flowing weight.
The scalp massage is another way to stimulate hair roots strong because of the nutrient supply to the hair more. Start kneading with the palm pressing down gently on the neck. Then fingertips in a circle and spread out wide. Slide the hand away from the front hairline to the crown, while the benchmark stock index finger in a circle along the way. Regularly massage like this two times a week, I guarantee that your hair will be healthy. Reduce loss and help hair shine even more.

Tip 2 for treatment before I sleep with natural oils.
The hair oil to help condition the hair dry and damaged skin up. To keep your hair before going to bed. By using coconut oil or olive oil nourish hair around and wear a shower cap and leave it for bathing. By leaving like this all night. To prevent sloppy wet pillow. You can use towels, pillows, placed second on the floor to prevent leakage along the way. Then the morning, then shampoo as usual. I guarantee that this will make any woman. Love your own hair quite dramatic. The hair is silky soft A natural shine Who wants to feel close to them. Surely a

Tip 3 formulas to resolve the split ends hair.
Many young people have a problem with hair breakage occur easily, though, so the hair with recipes from the yolk to solve the split ends together better, but first introduce you to trim the hair that broke out before May. It was not about one inch, then marinate with the following formula.
The mixture must be prepared: 1. 4 egg yolks 2 eggs 2 tablespoons sesame oil 2 teaspoons honey 3.
The process of hair Mix all the ingredients to become homogeneous. Then rinse hair with warm water to open the hair cuticle to be ready to receive maintenance. Then the prepared mixture to marinate evenly. Cover with a towel moistened with warm water. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo just as it helps prevent split ends hair to return very heart of it.

How do you know her three tips for shiny hair in a natural way is easy that anyone can do it. Where the blank Always remember to treat your hair with a method that we recommend here. Then you will have a healthy, shiny hair. Weigh-flowing natural course.

7 tips to make hair grow faster naturally.

Besides the beauty the other side Women us The health of the hair, it is very important that we make women attractive in itself as well. Observed that some women who look ordinary. The shape is not very pretty But her hair back charm. Because the hair is long, thick and soft to the touch pad looks pretty healthy, so that’s it. The one saw a need to spell the desired passionately for this reason that makes her short hair, many people secretly envy and wanted me to be my own long fast and pretty healthy so I therefore take seven tips hair. to grow faster naturally come to those who love me and want me long fast straight and then it was pretty fascinating. Come see how to do it.

1. Trim the hair is always

Because the hair of people in the area of ​​late is often dry, rough and frizzy most likely. It is difficult to maintain a healthy, so if you want me to grow faster then it is advisable to keep the hair trimmed at least every. Every month or two months also. Cut the dried out even stimulate hair roots are healthy because the nutrients we get from fruits and vegetables. This will be the repair or maintenance of hair roots more efficiently.

2. stimulate hair follicles to grow faster with egg white.
Many people may have heard that the original recipe if I want to use egg yolks beautiful hair. But at the same time You may also know that the egg white is to stimulate hair roots to grow faster as well. Due to its specific protein, vitamins are essential features in a hair tonic. How much easier Just hammering egg yolks in a bowl, then turn it off. Then the egg whites to the hair evenly. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then wash as usual. This will help restore moisture. The hair is heavy and stimulate hair grow faster now.

3. Healthy hair healthy by drinking water.
Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day or drink to meet the body’s needs. It will help restore moisture to your skin and your health, resulting in strong then. Drinking enough water can also help maintain the health of your hair healthy. Grow faster naturally, too. Because the hair roots strong If your hair is healthy by itself.

4. Brush the hair stimulates the blood circulation.
Bedtime or morning you wake up. I do recommend brushing to stimulate the circulation of blood to work better as a result, the hair roots strong. Nutrition to nourish the hair efficiently, too. But, do not brush too often. The hair is dry because it may cause friction and makes hair dry even more so fluffy brush, but good enough. When the circulatory system, the scalp is stimulated it is considered sufficient.

5. Stop destroy me with various heating devices.
It is common for many of us, after bathing, shampooing, then often hand drive up room immediately. If you do this every day or more often. Condition your hair would get hot enough to dry your hair loss has also been made with equipment such as hair straightener. Roll roofing, electricity, etc. These devices that may make you have a pretty powerful. At the same time, it will destroy the moisture of the hair. Cause dry hair and split ends followed. This then … It is very damaging to hair and long hair too slow.

6. Eat nourishing hair roots strong.
Food around us comes from the natural benefits of a healthy body and our hair together. Young people who want to make your hair grow faster. Recommend regularly eat protein foods like fish or meat, milk, eggs, yogurt, etc., and seafood, it is important to nourish the roots as well. The fish in the sea Because of the mineral zinc, which helps nourish and repair hair deeply directly.

7. Head with some hot oil.
During free time relaxing scalp and brain with the hair or scalp massage with hot oil. This will help you get scalp to stimulate blood flow. Causing relaxation and of course it will help stimulate the hair roots strong. The hair grow faster naturally in very satisfying.

How do I know that seven tips I grow faster in nature, we come together to girls a little more specific, short-haired girl who just turned me recently. If I want to grow faster then what it is. Do not hesitate to care for healthy hair too early. Soon, of course, guarantee that the hair will grow faster until you feel it.

8 Method to cure your “long hair”

1. I trim some

Young people who are older Toei though. The hair is very long I even regret I dare not touch or do anything with it. I took a long break, but the other end. I like the thin line kink over a battle like the one sported T_T to do is to cut the hair, leaving it up to even the girls have really long hair girls should trim the hair, leaving every 6-8 weeks. it is not so I asked for the end of course

2. Good morning shampoo

Women with long hair very often faced with problems. “I’m very slow to dry,” the hair since two o’clock. Five o’clock, I have not dried yet T_T (in the case did not use a hair dryer too hot), I recommend that young marinade very long hair. Wash your hair in the morning is good. If your hair is dry, late at night I lie even if I was not completely dry. May fungus on the scalp,

3. Do not forget to use conditioner with!

As I say every Toei In the column Hair Care that using a conditioner for the hair it’s absolutely necessary. But the conditioner had to be careful as well, especially girls who have oily scalp. Should apply conditioner only at the tip of the hair. To add moisture to the hair, but never made it up because my head 🙂

4. Do not comb your hair when it is wet

During the period that I wet my weakest. Therefore, we should avoid the hair back then most girls I should wait before I really dry. Then comb my hair I can not stand it I comb my hair was really wet. Comb away is not the best answer

5. Too bad the hair

Do not wash your hair too often Do not use too much shampoo Do not use hot water to wash your hair. The sentence was often seen together frequently in the column Hair. Care right? What’s that too often is not good. Thus, girls Just wash your hair every other day is enough. Including shampoo, bubble to some extent, yes, that’s a lot better to use cold water to wash your hair better. (Not sure what it is … I dried)

6. I need food

The long hair, the more care needs. I also need nutrients to help maintain healthy hair girls hair very long. Eat eggs Green leafy vegetables such as kale, broccoli, morning glory, including legumes are beans, peanuts, green beans addition, if any. I want to have a strong, healthy girls to eat carrots, bananas and oysters with it

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